Income Eligibility Guidelines (Editable Version)

These scales are published each year by the federal government and must be used to determine eligibility for free and reduced price meals for the effective dates prescribed.

II Annual News Release - Public Announcement (Editable Version)

IIa Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

Prior to the beginning of the school year this release, along with the income eligibility scales for both free and reduced price meals, must be provided to the local news media, the local unemployment office, and to any major employers contemplating large layoffs in the area.

IIb 2021-2022 School Year Public Announcement for School Meals Seamless Summer Option (SSO) of the NSLP (Editable Version)

Prior to the beginning of the school year, this release must be provided to the local news media, the local unemployment office, and to any major employers contemplating large layoffs in the area.

Certification of Acceptance

III For Districts and Nonpublic Schools (Editable Version)

IV For Residential Child Care Institutions (RCCIs) (Editable Version)

The Certification of Acceptance must be completed on the Child Nutrition Management System (CNMS) through the annual renewal process prior to the start of the school year.

Va Application for Free and Reduced Price School Meals/Milk (Editable Version)

Vb Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

Vc Available in Other Languages

Along with the parent letter (Attachment VII), the family application (Attachment Va) must be distributed to all parents of children in attendance at school at the beginning of the school year and for new students when entering during the school year. Each family should complete only one application for their household.

VI Free and Reduced Price Application Fact Sheet (Editable Version)

VIa Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

At the option of the SFA, this fact sheet may be sent home with the application or made available at the school.

VII Parent Letter: School Meal Programs (Editable Version)

VIII Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

Prototype letter that must be sent to parents each year announcing the availability of the Child Nutrition Programs. Only the Reduced Price eligibility scale from Attachment I is included in the breakfast/lunch parent letter. The prototype parent letters included in this packet contain the appropriate scales for the 2019-2020 school year.

IX Parent Letters: Special Milk (Editable Version)

IXa Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

Those schools which sponsor the Special (Free) Milk program may adapt the Special Milk parent letter accordingly. Include only the free income eligibility scale from Attachment I when preparing the Special Milk parent letter.

Notification Letter (Editable Version)

Xa Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

All parents who submit applications must be informed of the approval or denial of such applications. Written notification must be provided to each family denied program benefits in order to provide the family with the hearing and appeals process and a copy of such written notification must be retained on file.

XI Notification Letter to Parents from Direct Cert Matching Process (Editable Version)

XII Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

Notification must be provided to households with children directly certified through the DCMP, letter method or through contacts with officials, such as the SFA’s homeless liaison or a foster care agency.

XIII Parent Letter - Children with Disabilities (Editable Version)

XIIIa Available in Spanish (Editable Version)

XIV Parent Guardian Consent Forms to Release Eligibility Information for Free and Reduced Meals or Free Milk (Editable Version)

XIVa Parent/Guardian Consent Letter in Spanish (Editable Version)

XVa Parent/Guardian Consent Statement (Single Program) in Spanish (Editable Version)

XVIa Parent/Guardian Consent Statement (Multiple Programs) in Spanish (Editable Version)