Results of Verification

If, after at least one follow-up attempt, the household responds and provides all needed evidence, verification is considered complete for this household.

The LEA would complete verification by:

  • Informing the household that there is no change in benefits;
  • Notifying the household that its benefits will be increased; or
  • Sending notice of adverse action

It is recommended that LEAs use the NYSED prototype letters of verification results (Attachments C, D & E) as these prototype letters contain all required information.

  • If verification results in higher benefits (e.g., a child who is moved from reduced price to free category), the change is effective immediately and must be implemented no later than 3 operating days.
  • All households for whom benefits are to be reduced or terminated as a result of verification must be given 10 calendar days advance written notice of the change.

Note: If a family’s benefits are reduced as a result of verification (e.g., because they failed to  respond or did not submit sufficient information to substantiate their income) and during the school year the family re-applies, the LEA must verify the new application prior to the family being approved for benefits.  If the family refuses to provide the required information, free or reduced price benefits must be denied.