Verification Collection Report (Attachment G)

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Note: Please be sure to carefully read the Verification Collection Report Instructions to ensure the report is completed accurately.

SFAs must report all data elements requested on the Verification Collection Report (Attachment G) in the Child Nutrition Management System (CNMS) by December 15th.

SED is required to analyze, summarize, and submit the results to USDA.

The required data will enable State agencies and USDA to better understand certification errors and to improve oversight activities.  This will help to ensure that free and reduced-price subsidized meals are provided only to eligible children. State agencies must provide more rigorous oversight activities to SFAs whose verification activities result in a high termination rate.

Failure to submit a completed Verification Collection Report by the required deadline, December 15, will result in your Child Nutrition Programs being placed on reimbursement hold.

Only USDA required elements are requested on the Verification Collection Report (Attachment G).  Be sure you review it carefully to capture the required information that documents your SFAs efforts.  Carefully follow the directions for completing the form. 

Requests to extend the November 15th verification deadline must be submitted in writing to your Child Nutrition Program Representative at the State Education Department. All such requests must document extenuating circumstances beyond the SFAs control and should be received by the Child Nutrition Program office by October 15th.

A step-by-step tutorial on how to complete the Verification Collection Report is posted on the Child Nutrition Knowledge Center website. SFAs are strongly encouraged to review the tutorial when completing their report.