Confirmation Review

Prior to conducting any verification activity, an individual other than the original reviewing official must review each approved application selected for verification to ensure that the initial determination was accurate. The confirmation review must be done by an individual other than the individual who made the initial eligibility determination. A confirmation review is not required if the SFA uses a technology-based system that demonstrates a high level of accuracy in processing an initial eligibility determination.  

If an SFA is using “eligibility determining” software, it is the SFA’s responsibility to ensure that the "eligibility determining" software conforms to USDA regulations.

Depending on the outcome of each confirmation review, the SFA must take one of the following actions:

No Change in Status
  • Verifies the application
Status Change From Reduced Price to Free
  • Make the increased benefits available immediately
  • Notify the Household of change in benefits
  • Verify the application
Status Change From Free to Reduced Price
  • Do not change the child’s status
  • Verify the application
  • Notify the household of the correct eligibility status after verification is completed and, if required, sends the household a notice of adverse action.
Status Change From Free or Reduced Price to Paid
  • Immediately send the household a notice of adverse action
  • Do not verify the application
  • Select a similar application (example- another error prone application) to verify
  • Begin the verification process with the newly selected application. The second reviewing official must review the application.