Procurement Review Documentation

Purchasing Code of Conduct

A purchasing code of conduct is a set of standards to outline the ethical responsibilities, or proper practices the SFA is required to follow any time the SFA selects, awards, or purchases from a vendor. The code of conduct should include policies relating to conflicts of interest and prohibit school employees from soliciting or accepting gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from suppliers or potential suppliers. The Code of Conduct should also acknowledge the appropriate penalties, or disciplinary actions for violations by school personnel.

Purchasing Policy

 Guidelines set by the SFA that define the responsibilities and processes your SFA will follow when procuring, and purchasing goods and services from vendors. The purchasing policy should include guidelines requiring the SFA to carry out all purchasing activities within federal, State, and local regulations.

Vendor Paid List

 A Vendor Paid List is a list of all the vendors that your School Food Authority (SFA) purchased goods or services from using the nonprofit school food service account, during the previous school year. This list should include the names of each vendor, as well as the total amount paid to each vendor during the previous school year.  Please view some examples of what a vendor paid list might look like below.

Procurement Review Worksheet

The Procurement Review Worksheet details the procurement information the SFA conducted in the previous school year.  SED will select a sample of procurements/contracts to review. A procurement documentation request will follow once the worksheet is completed.